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How To Become A True ACHIEVER In Life? | Dr. Nikhil Chandwani | Motivational Speech For Success

Source | Youtube : Josh Talks

Not so often that you come across a Ph.D. at 21, an Indian of the year, an entrepreneur with two valuable firms under his name, a published author of four books, a poet, a professor, a producer, a public speaker, a corporate trainer and a face that is developing an education ecosystem, but here he is Dr. Nikhil Chandwani. In this Josh talk, he shares his own story of journey facing failure in life to being successful. This talk was recorded at Josh Talks Nagpur 2018. Josh Talks collects and curates the most inspiring stories of India and provides a platform to showcase them. Speakers from diverse backgrounds are invited to share their stories, highlighting the challenges they overcame, on their journey to success and realizing their true calling.

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