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How to Generate Wealth Beyond Balance sheet

Source | LinkedIn : By Rahesh DebRoy

I believe it is become fashion statements in recent decade for companies to spend countless hours and sums of money drafting elegant vision statements values ,mission, purpose statement,aspiration statements objectives statements, and so on and on .Such things are great and good indeed they could be quite useful but they are not essence of visionary organization you dream of .Just by having vision only doesn’t make or guarantees it will become visionary company .A well begun first step as drafting statement is just the first step only until it is translated to its core ideology and its own drive of progress into very fabric of goal strategies ,cultural practices and everything a company does in finishing day to day jobs .Creating a total environment that envelops employees bombarding them with set of signals of good bad or ugly is just a choice which is in hand of existing Leaders  & Management . As leadership and management are two distinctive complimentary system of action.Each has its own function & both are necessary for success in an increasingly complex and volatile business environment .

Is Profit your primary Goal or Benefit to humanity through innovative Contributions ? 

The golden era of challenging status co and moving ahead in testing times when only few enjoying the pie and some are thinking to launch their new  Startups & designing their Brand logos for being in the markets and playing their unique long lasting roles however what are the pointers which will help these organizations to stay longer and build stronger .If this is the stage you are in thus so far then be there till the last words and see if you could pick something for your organization from here on .

Built to Last or Building to get Lost -Your Choice 

Matching the pace of growth once you get a track is simply great however the big question is that word called Sustainability How do you plan to ensure something you built so far how do you plan to Sustain as an Organization ?

Building  Culture

What is Organization culture is it worth the investment on building DNA-Companies that consistently focused on building strong corporate cultures over a period of several decades outperform companies who did not .Because values alignment is essential for success ,it is important to understand what values an organization currently has and how they were created .

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