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How to Rescue People from Burner of Recession

Source | LinkedIn : By Rajesh DebRoy

Nothing worthwhile ever achieved without curbing the waste before you spend thus If Shrinking waste line is your goal than Start Solidifying relations rather firing souls   !!

Are you also in the trap of size zero slim fit way of living life and first hogging till the neck and later spending more than what you paid to sue for $2M ROFL .Irony of the situation is satisfaction even when tummy is full still crave for more food to eat drink and dine as it is modern age thus it is fine ,however on the contrary when you are at driving stage / growing stage in organization how do you do /while you put up your appetite forward for the eats and treats for your day to day affairs . My personal experience with great  organizations is to treat you with  rich food grow them fat and later cut the flab .

Very straight forward way to lead the Slim fit way of work .Thus same way leads into nothing but breeds in culture of highly political environment notwithstanding hard lab our dedication honesty productivity but only one thing to follow hire and fire the Mantra of staying and protecting own affairs in lieu looking and focusing on ensuring strategies worth above this way of work .Most of the time people die hard to safeguard organizational interest however in this battle of rightness they find left behind as they  grind hard .Never mind for as everything is fair in the corporate world until the lord you believe in comes and take the charge .

I believe it is just a perspective stay on do recommend a way to work rather being a side watcher and critic of highest order just go with the flow don’t complaint the speed follow implement change as only thing which happens SLOW.

Are you Sick of  speed which is Slow get used to slim fit & glow ?

CFO are used to be told to “do more with less”. It’s an annoying, frustrating cliche, yet it’s one CFOs must live up to. Budgets can only be slashed so far, though, and in a terrible economy like this one, jobs are a cost center that sometimes can’t be sustained. Or at least that’s the conventional wisdom.

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