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This is what an HR Head wrote on 11 Nov 2020

Source | LinkedIn : By Prabodh Sirur

My insights – 11 Nov 2020” – this was what I read on a plaque that I saw on the table of an HR Head. It was a report about what he did during the last seven years.

I had never seen such a report with a future date on it. I was sure I was not going out of his office till I solved this mystery.

I had great admiration for him. He was a mesmerizing public speaker, he could connect with people with ease, his team loved him, he was a fantastic sportsperson and had risen to this senior position at a young age.

I quizzed him about the plaque. He laughed and called for a coffee; I knew it was going to be a long story.

“As head of HR, I get very little opportunity to meet people. So I said I had to create some event so that I could connect to our employees.”, he said and proceeded, “I love to walk; so I planned to walk with our employees. I do two walks a week with employees. I know it is a big task for my PA to identify a new person each day. I told her that I want to meet on a day that is special to the employee.”

He picked up his plaque and said, “And that is what I committed to myself and wrote this commitment, that I will meet at least a 100 employees each year, 700 in seven years by 11 November 2020.”

“In the beginning, my PA chose birthdays as important days for the employees. We had to quickly stop it because we found that their official birthdays and real birthdays were different in many cases. We then selected work-anniversary as a good day. I could then speak to them about what’s in store for them in the new year.”

“How do these meetings happen?”, I was curious to know.

“Well, I wait for the person at the reception of our office at 5-30pm. We shake hands when the person comes and start walking. We walk for about 40 minutes.”, he said and continued, “I start with congratulating him/her for their work anniversary; the conversations then take their own flow. If you ask me, it is a learning time for me; I get to learn so many things from them. I remember, a young man taught me the basics of ‘string theory’; a girl told me about a famous book called man’s search for meaning. Oh, there are so many stories.”

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