HR Trends and Themes for 2018 – 2020

[ad_1] 2018 – 2020 is trending to be revolutionary years for Human Resources Management in North America; resulting from new developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI), HR Transformation, Harassment, Diversity and Generational Inclusion, Working Virtual, Smart Office, the end Performance Appraisals, Pay Equity and People Analytics.

Most of these developments are not new; they are simply the reincarnation of old buzzwords, concepts and discoveries.

John McCarthy’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) concept, for example, was first brought to the fore by I.J. Good in 1959, when he said “in 20 years (or by 1979), people will not have much to do” when AI is fully embedded in the workplace. Good’s prediction had taken more than 60 years for scientists and programmers to move the needle further to utilize a few of the benefits of AI.

Another example of a buzzword that has recently gained currency in HR is “Transformation”. Today most initiatives and change initiatives labelled “HR Transformation” when they are improvements in HR processes using change management techniques.

Listed below are some leading HR Trends and Themes that will engage the attention of Human Resources Management professionals as we close another decade.

  • HR Transformation & the Future of Work (Robotics, AI & Blockchain Technology)

Human resources professionals continue to lead organizational change initiatives and projects to improve productivity. However, they will have to go beyond these projects to embark on enterprise-wide transformations of human resources that involve the redefining of work processes to accomplish future visions and strategy of their organizations.

Robots that specialized in repetitive work will eventually take over the work of some employees in the workplace, especially in manufacturing and aligned industries.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) applications will affect a significant number of jobs in all sectors of the Canadian economy. A recent report on the future of work (McKinsey, 2017)…

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