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IDEAS BOOKS 4 Key Questions to Transform Creative Ideas Into Successful Realities

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How many times in the past week or two have you thought or said some version of the following: “I want to do x but I don’t have the time!”

For the majority of us, the answer would be “more than once”—and for many, I’d guess, it’d be “too many times to count.” It’s sadly ironic that Americans, arguably some of the most productive and efficient people in the world, also seem to be the most time-deprived.

We have more opportunities to achieve far more and far greater things we ever have in human history, and yet we find ourselves trapped by a familiar and constant complaint: too much to do and too little time! We work longer and later hours than most other countries’ populations, we sleep less than ever in order to “get more done,” and we have replaced our quality of life with the quantity of stuff we’ve “done” during it. And the worst part? The majority of what we do is not the creative, fulfilling work or 


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