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IT companies invest more in Europe for business and tech talent

Source | : By Shilpa Phadnis, Avik Das

BENGALURU: With European companies outsourcing more even as Trump raises barriers in the US, large Indian and MNC IT services firms are strengthening their capabilities in Europe. A number of development centres have come up over the past year especially in Central and Eastern Europe. This is both to cater to clients in Europe, as also to tap into the pockets of engineering and tech talent in countries like Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary and Ireland. The talent is technically very good – though the numbers aren’t as large as in India and the US – and they bring necessary language skills.

Eastern Europe has traditionally been strong in engineering, science and math skills. A Medium post by Ewa Treitz, partner at Black Pearls VC, said 200,000 students graduate in engineering and sciences every year from the universities in the Central and Eastern European countries that are part of the European Union. This talent is hard to ignore when tech firms look for talent in emerging technologies like AI, big data, analytics, app development, augmented reality and virtual reality.

In the last one year alone, at least 20 development centres have sprung up in countries like Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Austria and Ireland. Last April, InfosysBSE -1.60 % added its newest facility in Karlovac in Croatia. The centre will service clients in the Nordics, but the focus would be on consolidating consulting, IT and engineering skills in power generation, and design and development of large gas and steam turbines.


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