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Jason Phillips: “All In Nutrition” | Talks at Google

Nutrition coach Jason Phillips offers practical advice and resources for how to proceed with fitness and nutrition endeavors.

As author of “ALL IN NUTRITION: Powerful protocols that deliver what no diet ever will” and founder of iN³ Nutrition, Jason specializes in Macro Nutrition Counseling, nutrition for Crossfit Games Athletes, meal plans for weight loss or bodybuilding, and educational and motivational speaking.

Jason brings a no-nonsense style that will help you discover exactly where you are, where you’ve been, and how that impacts your health and fitness goals.


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  1. Women that previously had breast cancer and ate all their food within an 11-hour time period and changed nothing else in terms of their dietary composition reduced their breast cancer recurrence by 36%. Mice that were fed a high sugar, high fat diet but could only eat within a 12-hour window and still ate the same number of calories as mice that were allowed to eat within a 15-hour window ended up being 28% leaner, had 70% less body fat, did not get fatty liver compared to the mice splitting their meals over a longer period of time which did end up with fatty liver. The timed-restricted mice also had better blood glucose levels, cholesterol profile, and were more active, and could do complex motor tasks better.

    This even included two cheat days per week in which the time restriction wasn’t in place to sort of simulate a human weekend off. It’s really important to drive home the fact that the impact of time-restricted eating was made without other improvements in food quality… the versatility factor is of huge benefit here and what makes it appealing is it is broadly applicable for people. – Dr. Rhonda Patrick

  2. Jason Phillips quotes Lyle McDonald on the "set point/damaged metabolism subject. Lyle says that he is being misunderstood on his take of the set point. Lyle points to several lines of evidence including the Minnesota Starvation experiment which had the largest ever measured metabolic net drop of 15%. To quote Lyle from the his page "

    Because in no study that i have ever seen or ever been aware of has the drop in metabolic rate (whether due to the drop in weight or adaptive component) EVER exceeded the actual deficit whether in men or women. Fine, yes, it may offset things, it may slow fat loss (i.e. if you set up a 30% caloric deficit and metabolic rate drops by 20%, your deficit is only 10% so fat loss is a lot slower than expected or predicted) but it has never been sufficient to either stop fat loss completely (or, even to address the even stupider claim being made about this, to cause actual fat gain)."

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