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Jeremy Lin | Talks at Google

NBA star Jeremy Lin comes to Google HQ to talk about his career, faith, and defying stereotypes as an Asian American and Christian in pro sports.

A native of Palo Alto, Jeremy is the NBA’s first American-born player of Chinese or Taiwanese descent, as well as a vocal Christian. In 2012, he was starting point guard for the struggling New York Knicks and began one of the most improbable journeys that sports has ever seen as “Linsanity” spread like wildfire, putting Jeremy on the front cover of TIME Magazine and on the world’s radar.

Over the years, he’s launched The Jeremy Lin Foundation, #ActsofLove, and continues to initiate and invest in various social impact programs that make a difference. Jeremy also travels around the world to testify about his faith journey, coach young athletes in basketball, and make fun YouTube videos. Today, he continues to play in the NBA as point guard for the Brooklyn Nets.

Moderated by Marvin Chow, VP of Marketing at Google.


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  1. I watched this video around midnight the other day in my country so I the Nets had just started the first game of the season. Jeremy in this video was saying how much he was looking forward to the season and being healthy… KEEP YOUR HEAD UP BROTHER

  2. Jeremy Lin is such an inspiration to young and older Asian Americans. We all commend you Jeremy! Thank you for all of your blood sweat and tears and being such a great role model!

  3. It’s so awesome though how even nonchristians love Jeremy Lin now. I’m grateful for that 🙂 Lol. I mean he’s a nice dude so he should really be likeable! Jeremy Lin is an inspiration!

  4. Love his torn jeans and man bun. His clothes/styling are so cool and unique. He looks like he can play the male lead in Mulan. He said "hella" like a proper Californian! He's a very sweet, fun, and well-spoken guy. Emptiness and fleeting – it's Buddhism mixed into his Christianity.

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