Job Seeker Secrets – 21 Tips to Give You the Edge Over Millions of Out-of-Work Competitors

[ad_1] Experience shows that these twenty-one tips are important in your job search. Now that you've recovered from the shock of losing a job through no fault of your own, you need to get a jump on the millions of others who are in the "job market."

These strategies will help you find a new job and treat a lot of the "workplace stress" that was transferred to your private life when you got the pink slip.

  1. Do something that you've had in mind over the years but did not have the freedom to try. Give this a higher priority since you're "out of work." You might not have another chance like this. The radical change of pace will refresh you and prepare you for the grueling job search. Face it. Everyone finds a job sooner or later, and it's worth a lot to use some of this down time to achieve one of your dreams. Find a way to get the education; raise the money, and delegate liabilities. Give it a try.

  2. Take classes for new skills. Learn a language. Sign up even if you think you'll be too busy with your job search or in a new job. The new language skills might be just your ticket for the new job you're seeking. You can quit the class if those other plans come together.

  3. Do not be too picky in accepting a job. Take what comes along, because it's easier to find a new job while employed than it is to find a job when you're out of work. While in our "temporary job," schedule time to keep the job search alive. When a "real job" comes along, the person who interviews you will understand that you've taken the employment to stay active in the marketplace and broaden your perspective.

  4. Ask self-employed friends to let you use office space so you have a place "to go to work" on your job search. Getting dressed in business attire and spending eight hours a day will zoom your chances, and professional telephone answering will showcase your professionalism.

5. Get a business card that will serve you in networking and job search. You do not have to…

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