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Job Shifts: Road Ahead, What to Expect

Source |  |  BY:Ravi Noronha, VP&Head-HR

In my earlier blogs (Links below) I had spoken about job losses being real but the consequences of it being a hype unless we just ignore what the response should be.  It is like saying I will go out on a rainy day without my umbrella and not get wet. So someone has to do something about it only one can get out unscathed or untouched by the drops of water.

Automation Tiger: Hyped Or Real

Decluttering the Hype Around Job Losses

Recently the McKinsey Global Institute did a survey on this subject and came up with a paper in their issue for December 2017 titled “JOBS LOST, JOBS GAINED: WORKFORCE TRANSITIONS IN A TIME OF AUTOMATION”

I would emphasize the usage of Workforce Transitions in the title that reflects the nature of what is to come and has already arrived if you haven’t noticed yet. The fact is echoed here too that shifts are happening and one should be ready. While I won’t go much into the paper as you can read it on the McKinsey site I want to emphasize some points from the article and then discuss who should try and address this shifting jobs and ensure that societal impact is reduced. 

To Quote from the article “Automation will bring big shifts to the world of work, as AI and robotics change or replace some jobs, while others are created. Millions of people world wide may need to switch occupations and upgrade skills.”

Another interesting fact therein is about 30% of jobs within 60% of occupations leading to many job shifts needed.  

The question for us as stakeholders in this is — “who will manage these and what kind of leadership will organizations and individuals need to show?”

a) To avoid a disruption to the economy in a rapidly changing world of shifts in skills a balanced growth should be planned (in skills,roles and competencies).  

b) Industry along with the Government and Industry Bodies have to play a key role 

c) Educational institutes, training agencies should be roped in to take up this massive effort

d) If we don’t take this up on rapid scale within the country external universities will come in and take a big pie of the opportunity

e) Large corporate houses in every industry will have to play a “Responsible Leadership” kind of role to nurture new talent by providing a view of what they need and a slice of what should be done.


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