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Launch of the book – “Making of a Level 5 Design Thinker”​

By | Shankar Thayumanavan

Powerful insights from 40 Level 5 Design Thinking practitioners, across 12 countries

A Level 5 Design Thinking practitioner is one who has achieved self-mastery and spiritual enlightenment so as to see his/her interconnectedness with fellow humanity. Without compassion and empathy, a designer cannot genuinely contribute to the well-being of the world we live in.

Prof Mugendi K. M’rithaa, President Emeritus/Convenor of the Senate, World Design Organization™

A Level 5 Design Thinker is someone who strives for societal change of the likes of Nobel laureate Mohammad Yunus, Padma Bhushan Prof CK Prahalad and Nandan Nilekani.

Deepa Prahalad Abhyankar, Design Thinking practitioner, Tuck business school alumna and daughter of CK Prahalad

A Level 5 Design Thinker inspires people, is a collaborator, believer, cares about you, makes you feel safe, is able to listen despite all the noise and synthesize what the insight really is.

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