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Laura Lark: “Mission to Mars” | Talks at Google

Former NYC Googler, Laura Lark, served as one of six crew members participating in the fifth HI-SEAS (Hawai’i Space Exploration Analog and Simulation) mission, a research designed to study human behavior and performance, helping NASA determine the individual and team requirements for long-duration space exploration missions—including travel to Mars. Lark lived for eight months as an astronaut, only stepping outside of the HI-SEAS habitat to carry out geological research wearing a mock space suit.

“My technical background has already been useful in stabilizing our communications systems with Mission Support, but the other skills I picked up as a member of teams at Google and before may prove equally useful: how to troubleshoot, creative problem-solving, how to work with a large team (especially one dispersed geographically) to accomplish something very complex.”


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  1. Mars is a dead wasteland without active core or vulcans who can't recycle co2 and keep an O2 atmosphere. To go there to build a colony and "terraform mars" is a stupid folly. Go home and read more SciFi crap novels. Some idiots already think about how to build a Dyson sphere. smh

  2. Only female astronauts should travel to Mars on our first "manned" mission. That way the female rocket engineers for this mission who were helped along in college by their male classmates can shed a few tears when the ship crashes.

  3. This talk is exceptionally insightful. I am in awe of the incredible discipline needed to achieve a number of tasks and I love the humour that can emerge from such experiences, too. Thank you to Laura Lark for sharing her experiences and to Google for making these talks accessible.

  4. I think it would make more sense to prove we can colonize the moon first. Build some sort of permanent structures from the indigenous materials and as little as possible brought from earth. Lets prove that we can do something worthwhile a little closer to home.
    Harvesting asteroids for minerals, metals and ice/water comes to mind. Solar panels to generate energy which in turn could be used to refine metals from those asteroids? Prove that we can grab asteroids with ice and bring them back to harvest water for drinking also break it into oxygen and hydrogen for air and clean fuel.
    These are the activities that would lead SUCCESSFULLY to Mars.

  5. If they are going to send people with myopia to Mars they should have simulated breaking or misplacing their glasses to see how they handled it, and while I'm on the subject of disabilities they should also have randomly selected people to have limbs immobilised for different lengths of time, including permanently, because to be realistic there are quiet a few medical problems that can be solved by amputation if you don't have more sophisticated medical care, and those problems would be fatal if you didn't amputate.

  6. so basically were just going to hear the same shit over and over and over with each new habitat………. just like…what does water do in space……….. 55 years later……. we have sent no seed pods, no materials, no anything, haven't picked a location, haven't picked a team(billions in india/china?) haven't picked a delivery system, have no real space station in between, have no real space station at all (fake iss is in our bubble) and no real mission statement…   this will just be hunting Osama bin laden around a desert for 18 years for 18 trillion dollars so we can throw him off the back of a boat……… (if you believe that shit lol)

  7. this is absolute garbage. Manned space exploration is a fake as a $3 bill. no rovers on mars, no moon landings, no drive by's of pluto, earth is a stationary FLAT plane, not plane(t).
    Water cant be show to stick, bend and curve to the exterior of surfaces. no curvature exists and all buildings on earth are engineered to be vertically level.
    Diapers or pants?

  8. Not bad. Not bad at all. (I wouldn't mind being locked up with her for a year or so — although she would probably be too exhausted to do any science)

    Stupid YT won't let you post a link to a photo now. It tries to put the photo in the post, then just doesn't show it.

    h ttps://

    (delete the SPACE and copy and paste the URL into your address bar — then don't say I never gave ya nothin'.)

  9. The human factor can be the hardest part of this plan. Maybe the crew should make a very strict commitment to obey mission control on Earth. If the can decide things for themselves, people will fight, and they will form two groups that hate each other. And once tribalism starts to happen, it is very difficult for humans to think clearly. They could even kill each other.

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