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Leveraging Technology for Better People Management

By Asif Upadhye

Technology is our new encyclopaedia. We seek onesolution and it provides us a plethora of possibilities. The biggest shift can be seen in the fact that technology now allows better governance without needing a physical presence. To those in position of leadership, it allows more fluidity.

Data That Reinforces Culture

A survey by Oxford Economics states that 51% HR prefer using mobile technologies, while they deploy social media at nearly 45% and cloud computing at 36%.  Employers actively seek mediums to drive conversations within the industry. This is where data helps nurture employees as brand ambassadors and manage expectations inhouse.

Did you know that social media listening is playing a crucial role in employer branding today?Traditional functions of HR have evolved tremendously. Reshaping the role of HR, leaderscan now be equipped with work tools that put systematic metrics into place. It becomes more convenient to maintain a virtual directory of communications with employees. Adding a sense of consistency to internal communications helps bridge the gap between people and places.

 Decision Making based on Analytics

A survey conducted by Kelly Services showed a massive shift in workplace trends. ‘39% of the Indian candidates and hiring managers in India and other Asia Pacific Countries stated that they were keen on hiring freelancers’.

With millennials constituting to a large population of driving force across companies in the future, employers today have begun encouraging facilitation of stronger interpersonal relationships. By facilitating easy and quick to access online learning courses, employers have aptly embraced polishing of employee skillsets.


Designing a Meaningful Employee Assistance Program

New employees joining the team, seek a lot of mentoring before they get aligned to the company culture – right from onboarding, training, to retention. 60% of organizations have strategically invested in HR technology that is backed by data. Reason? Employee retention eventually becomes a challenge. Enter Artificial Intelligence – An aid for facilitating in-house training programs that work on customized schedules for each individual. AI / technology can analyse and predict the needs of employees, analysis that has enabled HR professionals to pro-actively solve problems before escalations.


Utilizing Artificial Intelligence asa Smart Work Tool

Last year, Forbes listed a survey conducted by ServiceNow among 350 HR leaders. It stated that more than 2/3rd of them believed employees are more comfortable accessing chatbots to get the information they need.

AI helps automate most of monotonous management tasks, and is reshaping the way companies manage their workforce to make HR plans. It becomes easier to monitor individual behaviours, analyse key performance indicators, aid managers in setting concrete objectives and allow units to work in smaller increments.  This way, work is easy to follow as well as assess, and it generates better overall results.


Employee First To Deliver

What should be a company’s ultimate goal? ‘Creating an improved employee user experience’. By choosing the right technology in accordance to the company’s needs, HR departments can deliver a simpler, smarter and efficient user interface. In fact, technology today has made it possible to incorporate realtime talent assessments; immediate feedback helps strike an efficient work-life retention. They say ‘More engaged the employees, higher the level of productivity’. Hence, streamlining for effectiveness becomes a by-product.

Managing people becomes effortless when they willingly comply. Work perks is just one of the catalysts.The culture of flexible work timings, increasing rewards and recognitions on the basis of meritocracy and behaviours are increasing trends that encourage a higher sense of ownership and loyalty and it all starts with understanding your employees.

Technology and social media has got us closer, but taken away an aspect that should ideally triumph over AI – The aspect of Emotional Intelligence. In almost every industry around the world, companies are experiencing a transformation like none other, where digital has been the main driving force. In today’s world, ‘technology’ is synonymous with ‘advancement’. The future lies in creating a balanced approach by targeting an amalgamation of AI and EQ especially in Tech HR.


About Author :  Asif Upadhye  —  Director | Never Grow Up® 

Armed with business management degrees from the Symbiosis Institute of Business Management,
Asif started his career in Marketing and Communications within the Financial Sector.
He has a cumulative work experience of 15 years of which, seven years account to experience in
Marketing & Product Management with companies like HDFC Ltd, HSBC and Barclays Bank.
It was his passion and vision to enhance corporate work culture across organizations which led to
the formation of Never Grow Up which, has been awarded the Best Employee Engagement service
provider two years in a row. The company will complete 8 years on January 1st, 2018.
He loves comic books, painting abstracts and is a passionate writer. His articles have been published
on various platforms like Forbes, Business India, People Matters, SHRM & Inc42 etc to name a few.
Besides Never Grow Up, Asif has also co-founded Yellow Seed Content Solutions, a content strategy
and development agency that works with brands across sectors.

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