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LinkedIn looked at billions of actions to see who is winning the talent wars. Here’s what I learned

Source | LinkedIn : By Suzy Welch

What does it take to get the best people to work for you? Based on an unprecedented data analysis conducted by LinkedIn, it comes down to two things: Excitement and opportunity.

I’ve been working with LinkedIn over the last few months on a project to understand which companies excel at both luring and keeping jobseekers. The result is LinkedIn’s Top Attractors list, an eye-opening ranking of the companies dominating the talent game. Scanning the list it doesn’t take long to see the two qualities common across all of the winners: They have an energized culture and offer a chance at career enhancement.

Make no mistake. These are not the companies that are the “best” to work at, based on opinions and surveys. Nor are they the companies that are the largest, based on revenues and profits.

Rather, LinkedIn’s Top Attractors List is comprised of the companies where peoplemost eagerly want to land jobs, and stay in them when they do, as determined by 12 metrics that measure literally billions of online actions taken by LinkedIn’s 433 million members. Among those metrics: the number of views and applications per job posting on LinkedIn; the number of views of a company’s career page; and employee retention statistics as measured through profile updates. The data was normalized across industries — so a tech company’s metrics weren’t measured against one in fashion — and LinkedIn only looked at companies with more than 500 employees. (For more information on the list’s methodology, click here.)

“Nearly every company is undergoing transformation. The pace of innovation keeps speeding up, which accelerates (and changes) competition and raises customer and client expectations,” said Daniel Roth, LinkedIn’s Executive Editor, to explain why the company embarked on the effort. “The only way to meet these new demands is to hire and retain the right people. That means the companies who can hire better and keep the best — even if only for the few years that someone might want to work on your project — are going to be the ones who thrive in this transition.”

The Top Attractors list certainly contains some companies you might expect. That Google came in at No. 1 on the U.S. list will likely shock no one that’s observed the tech giant methodically seize world domination over the past two decades, all while offering beach volleyball in its sunny campus courtyard. The ubiquitous, relentlessly innovative, industry-eating juggernaut called Facebook, at No. 3, is also not likely to stun anyone. Similarly, the sex appeal and sheer profitability of Apple (No. 4) make it something of an obvious entrant. It’s hard to imagine anyone who wouldn’t jump at the chance to work at a company that dubs its frontline employees “geniuses” and manages to conjure up magic year after year after year.

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