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I Love My Parents — But I Hate Their Career Advice

Source | Forbes : By Liz Ryan

Dear Liz,

I turned 30 in October. Shame on me because I thought turning thirty might signal to my parents that I’m a full-grown adult now.

My parents love to give me career advice. I got an Accounting degree because they insisted on it. Business was the only major they would pay for. I wanted to study architecture or graphic design.

Maybe I should  have funded my own degree but I had no idea how to do that. My parents didn’t even want me to work during college, but I always had a job anyway.

I love my parents but they are living in the past.

I was terribly unhappy at my first job, working for an international consulting firm. My mom and dad were thrilled when I got the job. They were aghast when I quit nine months later.

I went to work for an organic bakery. My parents were surprised when the company grew almost 4000% in sales but they still tell me “You should work for a bigger company!”

I am thinking about job-hunting in 2017 (not to go to another multi-national company, but to a much smaller one) and I dread even mentioning my plans to my parents.

I have been fighting with my parents over my career decisions for almost ten years. How do I get them to ease up?

Thanks Liz!

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