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Make culture, part of your Performance Management

Source | Linkedin | Norman Murray

They dominante – The “A” players

“Do one or two big personalities seem to dominate every conversation in your office? When only a few people feel empowered to speak up, it’s a sign that the business isn’t particularly democratic and you may have a toxic culture. You’ll also be missing out on getting an accurate measure of how things are across the company if employees don’t feel like they can be honest.”


“When someone isn’t meeting their objectives, it’s easy to blame the individual, but often poor performance may be more about a lack of engagement. A sign of toxic culture.


“Successful companies hire good people then empower them to get the job done. When senior leaders feel the need to get involved in day-to-day operations or leaders micromanage, it’s a sign that something is broken. Lots of meetings and slow decision making might be signs that micro management is an issue at your organisation.”

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