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Marc Brackett: “Emotional Intelligence as a Superpower” | Talks at Google

Marc Brackett stops by to kick off Google Empathy Lab’s Series on
Designing for Feelings.

Emotions Matter. They inform our thinking and decisions, the quality of our relationships, our physical and mental health, and everyday performance. What we “do” with our emotions is especially important. In Marc’s talk you’ll learn Yale’s “hard science” approach to what has often been referred to as “soft skills” from the lab that founded this groundbreaking field, the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence. Specifically, you’ll leave the talk with a deeper understanding of: The Science of Emotions and the Five Key Skills of Emotional Intelligence, including practical strategies and tools.

Marc Brackett, Ph.D., is Director of the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence and Professor in the Child Study Center at Yale University.


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  1. Really enjoyed Marc and his presentation. Amazed that so many researched are so stressed – it seems to be epidemic across all levels of our western society – the ensuing health repercussions are going to be monumental down the line in time because thoughts, powered by feelings/emotions create…

  2. it is up to the speaker to keep the audience's attention not the audience's responsibility. The fire is sparked by tone of voice, tenacity or lack of, hand movement, choice of words, word structure, keeping the audience involved, humbling yourself while humbling others. I have seen so many speakers or artist gulity of demanding attention rather than creating a focal point to have attention drawn to….I will leave this comment on an end quote irrelevant to my first statement but directed to the speaker of this video. Albert Einstein- if one cannot explain something simply then they donot understand it well enough.

  3. Sir, you don't realize your negative beliefs seep into the audience as you speak, bringing the group down at 4:50. If you pump up the audience with fun, carefreeness and passion, most people would feel amazing. And you'd teach them a trick to understanding how their emotion can be changed on command.

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