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Millennial workforce: Handle with care

Source | LinkedIn : By Zubin Zack

The Millennials of today are much different and unique than we have ever been. This mysterious generation has been the unorthodox kind, who has never been satiated with anything conventional. The standard operative procedures may not apply to them, and they are the ones who intend to flow within their comfort zones to deliver results that are par excellence.

Although Millennials at times are pulled up for being slack or for not following the norm, we really can’t fault them for the socioeconomic landscape that they are being brought up in. Come to look at it, they are not much different in their outlook as compared to other age groups where for them, all that matters is good work, an amicable culture, and strong teamwork. All that it boils down to for them is a sense of acceptance where they could find meaning in the work entrusted to them and respect at the workplace, which they can call their own. What Millennials want is beautifully captured by Lynne Lancaster, co-author of When Generations Collide, who says, “All Millennials want is to be mentored and coached, and for bosses to show an interest. When they get ignored, they start to ask ’Why am I here?’”

In times to come, Millennials will be the main employment drivers across the world. A PwC research paper titled ‘Millennials at Work – Reshaping the Workplace’ states that by 2020, Millennials will form 50 percent of the global workforce. The same sentiment is reflected in a study released by Catalyst pointing that by 2020, half of India’s population will be younger than 25 years old, and organisations may face a talent shortage if not labour shortage. Hence, it is in common interest for organisations across the world, and especially in India, to learn and inculcate the Millennials way of working in an effort to understand how to attract them, fuse them within the structure and motivate to achieve greater goals.

The Millennials are of a different kind, and they need to be treated differently. They may not only aim to get material gains and sometimes are swayed by money or perks. Primarily what attracts them is a mix of creative genius and a constant challenge to excel in their fields of action; which underlines their quest for a life less ordinary. Ask any group of Millennials and you would find nearly half of them readily agreeing to take up a job that stimulates their intellect and nearly everyone being up for risky ventures just to value-add to the society.

Millennials want to work for a purpose, and it is our responsibility to offer them a business environment that stimulates them to achieve their life’s calling. A 2015 Millennials’ research by IBM found that a majority of Millennials across corporates want to make a positive impact on their organisation and help solve the larger challenges of life. Quoting Leigh Buchanon from Meet the Millennials, “One of the characteristics of Millennials, besides the fact that they are masters of digital communication, is that they are primed to do well by doing good. Almost 70 percent say that giving back and being civically engaged are their highest priorities.”

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