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Moderns Ways to Engage With Employees

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In terms of employee engagement, it’s good news for India. A 2017 study by Dale Carnegie showed that Indian workers are some of the world’s most engaged. However, it is clear that engagement could use some improvement, as research has shown that in India, employee happiness is declining. With the advent of digital technology and near constant innovation, there are ways to engage with your employees that don’t need to be time consuming or onerous.

It’s well-established that good managers engage with their staff and nurture them to become the best asset to the company that they can. With that in mind, read on to find the best ways you can find out what your employees think and how to keep them on the ball.

Employee Polls

One of the easiest ways to engage with your employees these days are surveys. Once upon a time, surveys were completed by hand and were time-consuming and irritating to complete during a busy work day. Nowadays, they are often automated and a simple affair to fill in. Technology has developed the survey system to such a point that people often complete surveys in spare time to make money or help their friend’s businesses.

The keys to surveys are to make sure you’re getting the right questions on there. Establish staff focus groups – detailed below – to achieve this. There is nothing wrong for a disengaged employee to receive multiple surveys, so make sure you are to-the-point. If you can’t invest in survey software, there are ways of building in-house software easily.

Focus Groups

Staff focus groups are an excellent way of engaging with your entire workforce in a formal setting whilst also discovering future leaders. By making it voluntary, you will often find the possible next leaders for your business are willing to come and canvass their colleagues before offering their views to the focus group. You can also find out what the hot-button topics are and engage in further investigation, such as via surveys.

Team-Building – With Incentives

Team-building is sometimes met with a groan amongst employees. The problem is that many companies will hire impersonal, expensive, outside organizers, and are seen as a tiresome drain. To combat this, organize team building exercises amongst your own management, and provide incentives. Recent cutting-edge research has shown that good management relationships improve engagement and an honest team-building exercise is the best way for staff to get to know their superiors. Something as simple as an outlay on food can be enough to make the event more engaging and light-hearted.

Studies from 2017 have shown that employees will more easily relate to, and perform better for, bosses that are relatable in their personal lives, too. Employee engagement doesn’t need to be difficult. Modern technology and thinking has given us insight into what makes our staff tick with ease.

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Ramesh Ranjan

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