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My Coworker Knows I’m Job-Hunting — And Threatened To Tell Our Boss

Source | Forbes : By Liz Ryan

Dear Liz,

I work in a toxic office. The parent company is okay. I worked for them from 2011 to 2014 and had no problems, but that was in the St. Louis office. I left in 2014 to go to a competitor and I figured after that, I wouldn’t be welcome back.

But in late 2016 I was recruited for a job with my old employer in their Chicago office. I relocated my family to take this job and it’s been a disaster. I am actively interviewing for other positions. My family and I love Chicago so the move was a good step for us, but this office is a snake pit.

I’ve never met anyone as political and back-stabbing as my current boss, “Eliza.”

Eliza is somewhat green for her role but we could work around it if that were her only obstacle. The much bigger problem is that she pits employees against one another. I have a frenemy in the office. I’ve learned not to trust him, but I learned that lesson a bit late in the game.

Unfortunately, when I still thought my frenemy “Phil” was trustworthy, I told him my job wasn’t working out and that I had contacted two recruiters I know.

Now Phil is on the bubble with Eliza. His work performance is not the greatest but Eliza is making him the scapegoat for her leadership failures. I wouldn’t be surprised if her job is on the line even more than Phil’s job is.

Anyway, now that Phil is on probation, he’s a nervous wreck and angry all the time.

He told me “I don’t why I’m keeping your secret. I might just tell Eliza that you’re job-hunting, and get you fired.”

He said it out of the blue, but I guess when you are panicking the way Phil is you’re not likely to think clearly. Phil may be jealous of me because I’ve done this kind of work for years and I have no trouble hitting my goals.

I’m in the interviewing pipeline for three different jobs but it could still be several weeks before anything is finalized. How much should I stress about Phil throwing me under the bus?

Thanks Liz –


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