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My Top 5 Private Leadership Values | Robin Sharma

In this #MasterySession I share the Top 5 values that guide my life, with the hope they help you clarify yours.

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  1. Thanks Robin as always very inspiring, but am wondering have you ever thought how to deliver your message in different attractive way!!

    I think what you're trying to deliver should expand to larger audience.

  2. Hi Robin..One of your finest works !! Superb Video..I am spellbound by your passion to serve..every word is not a word but an emotion deep within your heart..
    Thanks a ton for everything!!!

  3. Robin, I LOVE this video! Yes, I can feel your fire. You have such passion for your craft. The five tactics mastery, community, beauty, prosperity and humanity I can really relate to. I love the simple yet powerful and impactful examples that you offered for each one and find that I do many of those myself. Italy is a favorite country of mine as well. The people, culture, passion, food, beauty…everything. I feel so welcomed when I'm there.☺?

  4. You said, it’s going to be a quick session and delivered more than 25 minutes of useful information. I think, this is what happens when you have abundant knowledge. You provide lots of information and still think it’s little. Thanks for keeping this mastery session; free.

  5. I've been very depressed lately after watching too many jordan peterson lectures. As helpful as they are for understanding the matrix of personality, they do not give any instructions. Robin is who I come to for 'instructions'. You provide incredible inspiration to me not only with your teachings, but mainly by being the example. You live and truly believe in your craft and I really look up to you. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom.

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