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The New “Healthy Career” Checklist…What Do You Think?

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Hey everyone, I need your valuable insights!

My company is working on a new strategy to help more people better understand what we do at Work It Daily.

Last night, I built a, “Healthy Career Checklist” to see if it could help professionals (like you), figure out where they should be focusing their efforts.

I’m testing the checklist over the weekend. I’m not holding it hostage for your email address. I’m simply posting the link to it here in hopes some of you will download it, complete it, and (hopefully), comment below on what you think.

Specifically, I’d like to learn, does it:

A) Get you thinking about the aspects of your career you need to manage to avoid career ruts?

B) Motivate you to spend some time thinking about how you could be more strategic in managing your career?

C) Make you realize something is missing in your career that could put you at risk of falling into a career rut?


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