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Patanjali and Jio – A Disruptive Innovation or Patriotic Branding ?

Source | LinkedIn : By Poorna Potluri

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” – Simon Sinek

There are Challenger brands which bring new innovations, newly improved products by adding some extra tweaks and there are other brands called Disruptor brands, which comes into the market and changes the total structure of the industry. I believe Patanjali and Jio are Disruptor brands rather than mere challenger brands.

A disruptive innovation is all about the companies which focus on customers future needs and come up with a new solution to disrupt the market, while patriotic branding is about branding the company initially by ingesting a sense of national pride among the consumers for persuading them to buy the offerings of the company.

Patanjali, a name of a company which has the power to pass cold shivers to the most reputed MNC brands in India and Jio, which flabbergasted whole India with its ground level pricing strategies in the telecommunications world.

Actually, I think, there is no one who can ever describe the revolutions which are bought by these two swadeshi brands recently. These brands metamorphosed the two lucrative industries (FMCG and Tele-Communications) of Indian economy with a considerable ease. Soon after these brands launched, people queued like anything outside the stores and not only the Indian people loved these brands so much, and also they developed an exorbitant sense of loyalty towards them.

Why Jio and Patanjali so much successful in their respective industries even though they are mere debutants? Why are these two brands so much loved by all the people regardless of different income levels and regions of targeting? Why are these two brands considered as disruptions not only in Industry but also in the economy as well?

All these questions have only one answer, that is the ‘Purpose of the business’. They both focused on ‘Indian customers boundless patriotism’ along with customer’s need for lower-priced goods and services rather than inventing something that is not useful to people. Jio’s main purpose is to promote high-speed internet network in India to develop Indian youth digital literacy in a rapid manner supporting the Narendra Modi’s Digital Vision, while Patanjali’s chief purpose is to promote Ayurvedic and Indian products thereby attaining prosperous and Healthy country.

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