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Source | LinkedIn : By Dimple Sthankiya

As a consultant to global business leaders in banking and finance, I’ve seen my fair share of corporate burnouts and high performing individuals struggling to keep pace with transformational change.

Stress is a horribly unrelenting beast when targets shift, goal posts change and markets adopt a mind of their own.

I too found it incredibly hard to stay fit, healthy, mentally focussed and motivated during my 18 year stint on the global business travel carousel.

The problem for me was an obvious one. Wellness services and benefits devised to help employees cope were disparate, often slow to access, and didn’t always allow for an element of anonymity if used.

What was apparent was the need for a trusted, global resource giving both SMEs and big companies a wellness platform for employees which took the company offer well beyond standard wellness benefits or business class travel.

My new tech start-up Voyage & Soap is a disruptor in the corporate well-being space, replacing standard employee benefits such as gym membership and helplines that don’t always allow for instant, private access.

Voyage & Soap has developed accessible mindfulness tools and techniques, advice and highly curated lifestyle content that’s based on scientific evidence, experience and meticulous research as opposed to unproven trends and fads.

Corporate subscriptions of Voyage & Soap provide high functioning employees with a rich collection of proven mechanisms to improve their mental and physical wellbeing and access to highly researched fitness and wellness services when they are travelling for work or pleasure.

We go to work for different reasons and have differing levels of ambition and experience, yet we all face similar situations which can knock our confidence, make us tired, irritable and make us underperform. The list goes on.

Voyage & Soap acknowledges that people want access to good quality recommendations when they travel for business or pleasure, as well as trusted wellness advice and solid bite-sized mindfulness training to help them cope with professional pressures.

We’ve also launched an iOS app which means individuals can privately access and use the best features to make work and travel work better for them, without having to resort to monitored services such as helplines or counselling even.

The service encourages the use of mindfulness and visualisation, creating training modules of less than 10 minutes which deal with specific challenges and workplace scenarios. Over the coming months this content will grow.

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