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A project for the failing fathers

Source |Linkedin .com  |  BY:Prabodh Sirur, Vice President – HR at Manipal Technologies Ltd. (formerly Manipal Press Ltd.)

I have met many fathers, in my work-life, who are sad because they don’t have time for their children.

I remember a father who told me once, “When I leave for work, my child is sleeping and when I get back home, she is off to bed. I have seen my child only in horizontal position. I am ashamed of what I am doing to my family.”

Here is a project for such fathers.

We implemented this in our company a few years ago. I am also sharing stories of some pilot projects we conducted.


Let me first write about the project steps.

Step 1 – Take an A4 size paper and write/print a future date (90 days from today or 60 days, if you are an impatient type) in bold letters. See a sample here.


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