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Source | LinkedIn : By Hans Dholakia

It is so heartening to see that finally, Science and Spirituality are agreeing – well not in every detail, but increasingly in their final conclusions !

We humans are very  resourceful and ingenious in misinterpreting and distorting what we learn, whether from science or from religion. The resultant misconceptions ‘close’ our minds and we become superstitious and dogmatic.

Both Science and Religion  have their superstitions. Two of some great superstitions of science are breaking apart currently with the new research. The corrected observations are :

(1) Fat is no more the dietary villain, carbs are. More research will gradually prove that the real villains, not just dietary but overall which create the dietary issues too,  are in our minds as negative thoughts and attitudes !

(2) The genes do NOT decide our life and destiny !

Let us take the second point in detail.

Genes are karmic fruits but not the final destiny :

The noted American Cell Biologist, Bruce Lipton, says in The Biology of Belief  : “The character of our life is based upon how we perceive it”.

Now, Buddha said this long ago : ‘You are as you think’. Scriptures said it even before Buddha appeared : Yatha Drishti Tatha Srishti i.e. the creation is as you choose to perceive. ‘Choose to’ is the key. We always have a choice in how we respond, and that is the key. It gives us control !

In a recent interview, Bruce Lipton says : “Hereditary / genetic factors are not irrevocable. They are not the major influencers in your life.”

On our cells’ constant evolution, Bruce says, “Earlier we used to teach that genes cause everything, but that’s false. The gene is like the blueprint of the building ; it does not make decisions. When we believe genes control life, then we have no power. We then think we are victims of heredity.”

Narayani Ganesh who interviewed Bruce (ref TOI, Speaking Tree supplement, March 20, 2016), meaningfully asked : Are you now talking about free will and destiny ? Bruce answered : “Yes ! DNA is not your destiny. You can change your genes in a few hours by what you are doing. There is spontaneous remission in cancer – because control is in how you respond to your environment ; control is not in your genes…. You are a community of 50 trillion cells. When the community is in harmony, you are healthy ; when there is a conflict … you fall ill.”

“One percent” Bruce continues, “of disease is genetics, 99% is lifestyle and attitudes. Even that 1% can be changed”…

Coming to spirituality, Bruce thinks meditation can help genes to express positivity. He says : Quantum Physics is giving what spiritual people knew – science says ‘field’, others say ‘Spirit’. If energy is real, then Spirit is real. Much of Quantum Physics is from India.” 

Bruce’s take on Karma & Meditation : You can change your karma with positive action including meditation and good thoughts.…”If you cannot love yourself, then how can another love you ? Telomerase (an enzyme from telomere, an extension of the DNA) activity increases life through service, self-love and gratitude, so let’s action that.”

Now let’s take RELIGION. It is more easily blamed for dogma and superstition, and not without reason.

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