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Recruiting Automation using AI – Arnie, the HR bot

Source |Youtube .com  |  :W3 Digital Agency

HR assistant trained to perform interviews. Arnie can interview and pre-screen candidates in just a couple of minutes. The flow behind the scenes: 1. The candidate sends an e-mail responding to a job post. 2. The system automatically replies to the candidate with a custom link to the interview. 3. The candidate clicks on the email link and lands on the page where the HR bot resides. 4. The bot conducts the interview. 5. The bot can assess and dismiss candidates that do not match certain criteria. Questions vary depending on each answer. 6. Pre-screened candidates info is recorded in a DB. 7. The information stored in the DB can later be sorted based on specific needs (for ex: availability, max salary below $X, location, language skills, degree, etc.) 8. The HR area reaches out only to those qualifying for a human-to-human interview. If you want to see a real life demo or want to know more details about the Automated HR suite, please contact us at: W3 cognitive agency

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