Reliable Automation Systems

[ad_1] Today, all industrial processes are based mechanization. All processes like manufacturing, controlling and quality testing are carried out by automation systems. Automation involves the use of control system and information technologies and is used in industrial production processes. These machineries results in high productivity in less time. The benefit of these systems lies in the quality of products which can be manufactured at low costs. Automation systems can be used in every process which are beyond human capability. Effectiveness and efficiency of all industry will depend on automation and it has vital role in world economy.

Advantages of using automated systems.
• Reliability: These systems reduce human intervention and thus reduce chance for errors. More accurate processes results in quality improvement and production.
• Repetition: These systems are more suitable in situations where the task has to be performed again and again with out errors.
• Speed: Speed ​​is another advantage, which processes in less time.
• Healthy environment: Systems can be used for risky processes which are unable to perform by humans like chemical production, oil refining and so on.
• Cost: Since these systems can replace humans and operate much more than them, it can lower manufacturing cost.

Industrial process like pad printing is based on automation which use computer aided machine for printing. Process involves converting a 2 dimensional image on to a 3D object. In this process an image is transferred to 3D object of any size or shape. Printing can also be applied to complex surfaces like concave, convex, spherical, textured etc. Commonly printing is applied to a variety of objects such as rubber, glass, wood, plastic, metals and so on. Silicon pads are usually used for transfering of images because because it can transfer images without distortion. High speed printing machines can be used for pad printing which use art methods…

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