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Right Decisions in Right Time takes the Game to Winning Point – Vandana Shah

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The “bone-chilling” motor cross racer

Sitting at Starbucks one evening with a journalist friend I got an eyewitness account to a bone chilling story. A certain motocross racer won a race about five years back. He won it with an injury. During the championship he had a fall. He dislocated two fingers of his right foot and was off the plaster 4 days before the race. This limited his mobility to a bandage and a support to walk about.

The internet is filled millions of similar stories. About, how ordinary individuals became heroes overnight. This display of a victory celebration witness is indeed rare. The used the last straw of energy to spend it expressing is happiness. After the race the journalist went to congratulate him. He sat in a folding chair right next to his car. This racer who went ballistics sat calmly enjoying the evening breeze. Apart from pleasantries exchanged, he also left a lesson for the journalist

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