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Sal Khan: “Education Reimagined” | Talks at Google

Sal Khan, founder of Khan Academy, the Khan Lab School and Author of The One World Schoolhouse, came to Google HQ during a National Teacher of the Year event to speak about the future of education. He told his inspiring story of how he founded the not-for-profit Khan Academy and how the organization is educating millions of people worldwide. Sal also shared his thoughts on what education reimagined could look like and how his dream of “providing a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere” could become a reality.


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  1. Thank you so much Google Talks! Salman Khan is one of the greatest personalities of the Time and the core center of my degree's final article. He is amazing! As a teacher I am so glad to watch how far and productive Khan Academy grows. Hugs to all teacher around the world. Haribol!

  2. I'm 69 and continue to learn. The Academy is wonderful. But, I wonder, how does Sal learn, and then explain complex issues so simply? And, what's with the "y'all" ? 🙂

  3. I love this man because of his informality(just one of the various traits).

    Still I laugh when I see the video of antiparallel structure of Dna.Where At the last 3 second he tries to utter molecularly.But he doesn't succeed.

    Very enthusiastic

  4. I am so glad that the Khan Academy includes Humanities in its subject offerings and I hope someday to be a contributor specific to Music Education in that area.
    As a music specialist/classroom teacher, one point made at 24:0524:15 in your talk addresses the flaws in the issue of time constraints & educational expectations for general ed/classroom teachers. But what worse is taking that situation and then divide that time even farther down for the Art, Music, Phys. Ed. and Compurter teaching specialists who have 1/5 the amount of time to teach their subject to ALL of the students in their Elementary-Middle School buildings!
    – – – – – – – – – – – That needs to "marinate" for jut a minute. – – – – – – – – – – –
    – – – – – No, really, go back and read the second paragraph again. I'll wait – – – – – –
    "Music" is a complex, varied and multitudinous subject (it's actually a way of life, but I'll just address it as a "subject" for now) and in our current educational format – for public school, anyway, it's difficult to give music its just do when you only have 50 minutes, 1 time per week to engage ALL 352 of the children in your school. The Elementary level General Ed. teachers have their 30 students in their individual classrooms whom they see 5 days per week. The music teacher will see those same 30 students but only on 1 of those 5 days which then translates to only seeing those children for 8 or 9 times by the end of the quarter (God help you if you have a snow-day, holiday or a fire drill on the day you see this class!).
    I'm stating this to simply point up how amazing the "Flipped Class" format of education is the current key to remedy the issue of the inordinant amount of time afforded to the Humanities. Such areas of study are honestly, the subjects that should be the steering wheel used to turn our US society away from its current trajectory/cycle of violence and lack of civility. Without the advancement of communications technology through YouTube, Skype, audio/video conferencing, social media and the accessibility of the Internet itself, there would be only a bleak future ahead for PUBLIC school education!

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