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Sales leaders, is your multi-featured elephant (i.e. solution) being pitched effectively?

Source |  |  BY:Venkatesh  Adavi  ,  Sales Technology Digital media 


In today’s complex world of B2B sales, selling cannot be restricted to salespersons alone. Various non-customer-facing teams need to be regularly trained on how to handle a customer sales interaction. The singular focus should be the customer’s business objective and how each team can help. It appears very simple. But simple is not easy.

Let’s say you are the Sales head of a video content platform and want to sell a very complex (and very lucrative) advertising solution, i.e.‘The Elephant’. You are hosting your annual convention and the client CMO you are trying to net comes for the event (Nice!) and meets with your department heads; each responsible for ‘a unique part of the elephant’. Unfortunately, none of them are trained to Sell and all of them are ‘Blind’ to what each other does!


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