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Shortened Onboarding Times See Mixed Results

Source | : By Lauren Dixon

To get a sense of how company onboarding should be handled in 2018, you might consider studying Belatrix Software.

Belatrix Software’s 12 percent attrition has remained steady, in part, due to the software development service company’s formal onboarding process. According to Alex Robbio, the Redwood City, California company’s co-founder and president, after finding that the biggest risk of attrition is in a new hire’s first year, Belatrix grew its people care team, increased training times and improved customization of the process.

Robbio said about 95 percent of the company’s hires are technical staff, for which there is global competition. Therefore, software companies have to make sure the people they hire are able to assimilate into the culture, feel accepted and successfully able to navigate the company. Otherwise, that first year faces a high risk of attrition. “You have to play a world-class game, or you’re out of the game,” Robbio said.

At Belatrix, onboarding means expanding the relationship with a new hire before they even apply. Through social media contact with the targeted community, such as technical staff, the company improves its brand to potential employees. The people care team and recruiters also create a more customized experience for the hires, sharing value propositions, technology used and more. “It’s a lot of selling, basically,” Robbio said.

When the hire comes onto the team, they have frequent lunches with the founders, meet with mentors for about six months and meet with the people care team. All of this provides new hires opportunities to ask questions, share if they feel promises from the acquisition process were kept and also have assistance navigating the company’s culture. Additionally, each employee receives an average of 120 hours of training per year, helping the team to keep up with the fast-changing technology world, Robbio said.

All of this is in an effort to make employees feel valued and developmentally cared for by the company. “Otherwise, people feel like they’re just numbers and attrition goes through the roof,” Robbio said.

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