Should you start a business with your buddy?

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BENGALURU: A common thread between being friends and partners at work is that they are both driven by your culture and philosophy. If these match, then the route to what you are building doesn’t get questioned, as much as the hunger to learn. Ishaan Khosla and I have known each other for over two decades.


A common thread between being friends and partners is that we both come from a similar culture. We have both constantly been hungry to learn and grow, and this common interest has found its way as we became partners at Huddle.As a  business partner working towards a common goal, and to be able to draw that line in between is the first step to leveraging the advantages of working with a friend.The three key common principles that are a major advantage to working with a close friend include being educated about our work by continuous learning, being enthralled by new approaches to constantly innovate with our startups and staying energised.

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