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Simon Sinek talks about the secret everyone should know! A powerful and life changing motivational speech in 2017 that is a must watch!

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  1. Simply love your speech Simon. Hope I can attend one of your speeches in person in Houston or else!!! Thanks God YouTube is available and your video is here for years to come!! stay safe!!

  2. I watch Simon's YouTubes often. I had not seen this one. It is the best! So inspirational, instructional… so deep and yet really not horribly hard. Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. Thank you for this channel! I enjoy these videos immensley, instead of feeling like there arent any like minded people or feeling isolated, I am motivated to greet my day with an entirely different mindset. Even though I may never meet any these speakers, just knowing that my ideas are shared by others has made me want to go out of my comfort zone and talk to people. I am not a socially confident person, but I am getting better. These videos are valuable to me and my state of mind. Thank you for all the work you put into the channel.

    So the best with what you have where your at.

  4. My tragic medical story happened because the doctor DID NOT LISTEN to the PATIENT. What happened was this. I came in with abdominal pain. I was asked for a pain scale. I gave a 9. He did a push test on my abdomen and I did not cry or flinch and so to Him I failed the test. I insisted my pain was a 9. This argument was of no avail. It was like my word was meaningless why did he even ask? So months with by and test after test until they decided to take my gallbladder out because it showed only a slight anomaly. Fact. When they got in there and looked around the appendix had already busted and had a healing scar. I had a medical anomaly known as chronic appendicitis which some doctors have even denied exists. It does exist and it is so painful that you can barely get out of bed to use the bathroom. I existed in this state for months because NOBODY wanted to HEAR the WORD of the PATIENT. They know what the know and your knowledge is meaningless. This is absurd to me. No I did not sue but I had a good claim.

  5. " Something & Every-Thing " connected & amazingly ", This my very first time watching your channel, your motivation talk that exactly . . . Already & continue happening to myself ! Thank you again, namaste

  6. Fantastic talk, but he completely overlooks the fact that many people are deficient in oxytocin. The parents who hated their jobs could be sociopaths who just hate feeling under the control of anyone, hate serving anyone, or hate working amongst "peers". I have worked a lot of undesirable jobs and have never hated them because I like people. Even if my boss didn't care that much about me, I still cared about the customers.

  7. I would really like to know Simon's opinion on how we can stop the collapse of our country i.e. the UK, because in my experience & opinion our public services are being sold out to level 2 tribes, our politicians are and have always been level 1 tribes, our banks are American lead and are level 1&2 tribes, our education system is sold out to level 2 tribes with at the best with level 3 teachers. Our culture has always been lead by level 1 tribes who pretend to be 4 &5's. How can we change all that we see that is going on? "we are not helping each other on purpose" which is very sad and done on purpose by these psychopathic, megalomaniac so called "elite" society. I agree it sounds dramatic but how can we create a better society when these tribes are doing their best to stop us, and will use the likes of those trusty marines and other tribes like them to stop us & they will act on that command. :">((

  8. It's too bad that if you actually tell someone you did some good that day, they automatically assume you're just bragging to rub it in their faces. Some people ARE like that, performing good deeds for attention. But others do good things every day for no other reason than it's the right thing to do, and yet our society compels them not to inspire others to do the same.

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