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Six Questions to Increase Employee Engagement

Leadership author and executive coach Marshall Goldsmith — who is always skeptical of catchphrases like employee engagement — talks about the qualities necessary to galvanize individuals’ commitment at work. For further insights, see


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  1. Terrific speaker, but the "why" is completely ignored. At some point, the company has to meet a minimum standard in terms of giving employees at least the motivation to ask themselves these question. With all the studies there are no reports of anyone having actually transformed employee engagement, irrespective of how dynamic the author, speaker, survey or HR group. None, not one single meaningful report. My challenge to all the folks in the righthand column, would you take on a project for a Fortune 500 company to improve employee engagement basing your fees on the financial improvement your approach delivered to the company. Absent financial results, the main reason we're told by the experts to worry about employee engagement, all else is simply snake oil, and what a huge market there seems to be for the oil.

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