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How Smart Solutions at Work Will Increase Productivity

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2017 has been a very interesting year for the world of HR Tech. AI (Artificial Intelligence), chatbots and ML (Machine Learning) has become part of the standard lexicon. Every technology company in this space is integrating one or more aspects of this new wave into their offerings and if they are not they will have to. It is a juggernaut gobbling up everything in its path and no part of current offerings will be left totally untouched.

However, it is the start of the year, so we do not talk about juggernauts and tsunamis (yet). Let me gaze into my personal crystal ball and try to predict some of the trends for the coming year.

Trend 1: Analytics will get faster, smarter and fuzzier:

If that sounds like a contradiction let me assure you it is not. Fuzzy doesn’t mean vague – it means getting into areas that were previously impervious to cold hard number crunching. In 2018, technology platforms will work on tracking emotions and real-time mood among the workforce and use it to improve engagement.

With the rise in computing speed, improved algorithms, cloud computing and other allied developments, platforms are able to track and analyze much more. Moreover, with intelligent connectors, platforms that were previously operating in silos now talk to each other more than ever before. So real-time measurement of employee mood can now be tracked and looped back into task management software. When red flags of stress, overwork are raised, managers can be notified and corrective action initiated.

Trend 2: Automation Will Focus on Engagement and Productivity

In the last couple of years, there already has been an almost imperceptible shift towards aligning efforts to ensure the automation blends seamlessly into daily work routines. The focus is now to improve productivity and consequently, engagement, through intelligent automation. What this implies is architecting automation solutions in a way that they make life easier and blend into the overall process – not just be a standalone activity.

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