Is Your Startup Messaging ready to make You Money?

By | Chris Giarratana| Digital Media Strategy Consultant

As an entrepreneur who is starting your own business, you build the best products the world has ever seen.

You are ready to take on the “big guys” and grow your business. But the one thing that might have slipped your mind is content for your business.

Is Your Startup Messaging Ready To Make You Money?

During the rush and excitement to create your pitch, identify your target audience, and build your product, you might have lost focus on your business messaging. If you’re not careful, your content will become an unguided, cobbled mess that sounds unprofessional and will hurt your brand.

Let’s take a look at three of the best ways you can get your copywriting ready for the launch of your product and business!

1. Focus On Your Target Audience

Base your copywriting and content creation around your customer base.

This makes it a lot easier to create compelling copy because you are speaking to the people who will be buying your product!

Always be consistent when writing to your target audience. Be mindful of who they are and why they are interested in your product. Each piece of content you create builds your brand, so always use consistent language, tone, and messaging. Also, be sure to create copy based on the reading patterns of your audience. If your target audience reads on their mobile device, then you should keep your paragraphs short so they can scroll quickly.

2. Focus On Benefits, Not Features

Always remember that your target audience is interested in your product for their reasons. While your product might have a long list of features, the thing that makes them want to buy your product over your competition is how your product will benefit them. Never focus on available features, instead, talk about how your features will help your readers and improve their lives.

For example, Slack, the messaging system, focuses on how their product can increase productivity for small business owners. While Slack comes with lots of features, the main benefit of Slack is that it helps teams stay in sync without losing messages in email. You’ll notice that Slack always focuses on how it can create a better workflow for small businesses, and increase their productivity.

3. Value, Value, Value!

When it comes to compelling copywriting, value is the name of the game. Everything you create for your business should show the value your product has to your target audience. The value of your product is described in two ways: saving money or saving time.

For example, let’s say I am selling a laptop to a business traveler. I would highlight the backlit keyboard because it would allow the business traveler to work on the plane through the night. The ability to work at night and type quickly with the backlit keyboard means they can save time by extending their productivity.

Strong Copywriting To Grow Your Startup

Never forget about the content you create for your audience because everything you create is part of your brand. Your image and the success of your startup marketing strategy depends on the quality of content you produce.

Be sure to focus on your target audience and speak directly to them based on the benefits your product offers, then build on the benefits to show value through saving time or money. If you follow these three simple principles of effective copywriting, your startup will create powerful content that will help drive sales and conversions!

Author Bio:

Chris is a Digital Media Strategy Consultant in Orlando, FL. With over 13 years of experience, he works with national brands to make his clients more money by focusing on SEO, freelance copywriting, PPC management services.

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