Should You Stick To The Rules As An Entrepreneur?

Source | Entrepreneur : By Sanchita Dash

As every entrepreneur starts his/her journey into the world of start-ups, advice start pouring in. They start reading books on how successful entrepreneurs have managed to build innovative products that paved the way for the future. They rely on the rules set by visionaries to find the answers to their “how tos”.

Many a times, entrepreneurs blindly follow these paradigms set by their predecessors in the start-up world. Another founder’s success story often becomes the rulebook for others. But should an entrepreneur really stick to the rules set by experts or should they be out there creating their own?

We got in touch with four founders who shared their opinion on whether one should follow the rules and if you don’t, what’s the risk attached to the same.

 Innovation Doesn’t Happen if You Stick to the Rules
  • Deep Bajaj, Founder, PeeBuddy

As an entrepreneur, you have to make your own rules. If everyone starts following the set ways (hail a taxi on road/book tickets through an agent / pay only cash) then so many path-breaking inventions (Uber / Make My Trip / Credit cards or Paytm) wouldn’t have happened. Someone from these start-ups decided to not follow the set rules.

The flip side, however, is that it’s the road less travelled, more difficult with few to guide and at times the opportunity cost is too high. In our case who would have thought PeeBuddy, a device using which women can stand & pee, would ever sell in India. We have miles to go but have sold over 750,000 units and have helped so many women fight a real problem. Has this been easy? Absolutely not. Is it worth the opportunity cost – only time will tell.

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