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Taking HR Forward – Workforce Management Is Now SaaS Dominated

Source | The CareerMuse : By SUPRIYA NIGAM

Adoption of Software as a Service (SaaS HR software) has become one of the hottest trends in Human Capital Management. In a recent survey and reports published by industry speculators, there is a significant number of organizations that have already implemented or are currently implementing the cloud-based HR solutions.

However, there is still a notable percentage of companies, which are still pending with their decision on the application of the SaaS HR software. Hence, this article is focused on such organizations and business leaders who are underestimating the value that cloud-based platforms can add to HR.

Why is cloud-based HR needed?

Several companies use cloud computing for enhancing their sustainability as well as profitability. In the epoch of technological revolution, computing power of an enterprise is perceived as the critical element for generating the competitive advantage.

There are primarily either of the two reasons for implementing the cloud-based solution in HRM:

– Moving on-premise software online

– Bringing previously offline workflow online

The SaaS (Software as a Service), the HR software model, fosters the opportunity to store and process data of an enterprise and individuals on a remotely located platform. Cloud computing in Human Resource is a pool of extremely scalable, abstract and managed infrastructure. It is proficient in hosting customer application (Pre-hire and Post-Hire tools) as well as billed as per consumption.

Moreover, the focus of investors and entrepreneurs is mostly to move on and as a hotbeds of digital work world SaaS HR software gives you an opportunity to:

– Achieve the incremental innovation within a segment with widespread innovation.

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, cloud-based HR tools do not call for supplementary overhead on infrastructure and maintenance. Succinctly, a smart collaboration of cloud computing model and HR supports in enhancing the intellectual capital, performance and innovativeness of an organization.

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