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Ten Warning Signs Of A Cheap Employer

Source | Forbes : By Liz Ryan

Dear Liz,

A job search is a series of ups and downs, I know. Still, I’ve had a few disappointments right in a row and it’s very frustrating. This week I got a call from a headhunter in New York. He got my name from an ex-boss of mine. We had a good talk and after that, I talked to the VP at the company that has a job opening I might be right for.

After I talked to the VP, the headhunter called me back and said that the employer wants to fly me to its offices in Connecticut to meet a number of team members. The headhunter laid out the terms for the trip: they want me to do all the interviews in one day and fly back the same night “so they can save money on a hotel.” I was floored.

Why should I get up before dawn to save this company two hundred dollars on a hotel room? I told the headhunter no thanks, and he said I’m not the first candidate who has responded that way. “It’s a great company,” he said, “but they pinch pennies.” You got that right!

I have run into similar situations before. What’s your take on employers trying to get out-of-town candidates to interview on the cheap?

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