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The 3 Simple Reasons Everyone Will Be Working From Home by 2030 or Even Soon

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When a company cuts costs, it usually means employee misery: fewer perks, lower salaries, and the never-ending demand to “do more with less.” However, there’s one (1) management strategy that doesn’t just reduce expenses but also makes employees both happier and more productive. That strategy is work-from home.

The Cost Savings
Conventional wisdom is that open plan offices are a good way to cut costs because you can fit more people into a smaller space that with cubicles or private offices. Conventional wisdom, however, completely misses the point in this case.

First, open plan offices are penny-wise and pound-foolish, as the saying goes. The overwhelming scientific consensus is that open plan offices reduce productivity by at least 15%. Since the cost of labor is much larger the cost of office space, whatever cost savings might accrue from an open plan office will be more than offset by the consequent productivity loss.

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