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The future of work starts with empowering people today

Source | LinkedIn : By Marco Zappacosta

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Lately there’s been a lot of talk about the future of work. People want to know what kind of economy we’re building. Or how changing the way people do business today will affect society 10, 50, 100 years down the line.

While most of the answers are unknowable, something I have come to strongly believe—because I see it every day—is that the entrepreneurial spirit of independent professionals and small business owners is the most precious resource we have as a society.

At Thumbtack, when I think of companies, entrepreneurs, and workers, I think beyond the offices and tech employees all over the Bay Area and beyond the scooting valets, fist-bumping drivers, and smiling couriers we’ve come to rely on.

The companies, entrepreneurs, and workers I think about every day aren’t disrupting industries or building venture-capital-funded empires. They’re the professionals working hard to serve their customers and ply their craft. They’re building lives for themselves and their families.

And together, they’re most certainly transforming the economy.

The opportunity for technology companies is to enable everyone with the desire to succeed and the passion to push hard to achieve their dreams.

Need an example? Take Josh Downing. He always wanted to run his own business, so in 2014 he took the leap and launched general contracting company, Direct Movement Group. In just two years, he’s earned more than $2 million in revenue from Thumbtack customers alone. He brought the hustle and the talent, we brought the technology and the interested customers, and he hasn’t slowed down since.

Professionals like Josh put everything into building the businesses of their dreams and work tirelessly to ensure their independence. That drive and ambition is what makes me so proud to work at Thumbtack and be a part of their journey.

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