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The live era begins. Have you shifted gears?

Source | LinkedIn : By Roshni Dhal

Still on autopilot? Wait. 2016 reminds me of some really noteworthy things social media has brought to light. One of them is the ‘live’ feature in the feed. You must have come across many live streaming videos on social media like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. This is not just for fun, but something that has started late in 2016 and will sure as hell rule the coming year 2017. Preparation is the key.

The Facebook live feature allows you to quickly reach across your audience and make the experience the next best thing to being in person with them. With over 1.79 billion active users on Facebook every day, the live aspect presents marketers with enormous potential to reach their audience and connect with them directly. It requires you to write a quick description in the status update and this is what will go out in the news feed. It allows you to choose the audience before going live, so this is an added benefit. Once you are done, press ‘Go Live’. Live stream your product or your service and encourage your customers to hit the subscribe button so that once you go live next time, they are notified immediately. If you have been doing business for a long time, you may want to surprise your customers with some new offer or some happening that you may announce through the live feature. Or you may also make use of this feature to just wish them a Happy New Year or some good wishes during a festival or occasion. After you have broadcasted it, it will be saved on your timeline as if it is just another video you uploaded. The follower option is a must have feature in today’s business era and it is recommended to add it as soon as possible. This helps you to reach a wider range of audience and increase your business. The best part about this feature is that, even if your audience is not available during your broadcasting, they will still receive a notification saying you were live and they can still see it in the form of a video.

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