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The Unmasking Of Ego

Source | lolly daskal : By Lolly Daskal

Great leaders often pride themselves on having a great mind. They are often thought of as brilliant philosophers, scholars, savants, sages, intellectuals, or geniuses by the outside world.

But there is this thing called ego—and it can be the undoing of even the greatest thinker. It is part of your mind that protects its own thoughts and identity.

To manage our ego we must understand it intellectually, behaviorally, and emotionally.

When it comes to the ego there is a very distinct language, the language of separation. When you feel separate from others and isolated within yourself, you are in the company of ego.

The language of ego creates fear and judgment. It pushes you in the direction of making other people wrong, even though you know that self is about inclusiveness.

Edging Greatest Out is the center of ego.

Ego can even separate you from yourself with damaging thoughts like I am not good enough or I am not deserving.

At its other extreme, it gives us an equally damaging feeling of superiority and selfishness that counter the security, trust, openness, creativity, and willingness to share that come from the authentic self.

Leadership isn’t about being better than someone else. It’s about being better than you were, reaching for your own best self.

That means disconnecting from the attachments and bonds of the ego and understanding how poorly they serve you.

It means replacing the mind of your ego with the heart of your authentic self.

The self is everything the ego is not: secure, seeking, selfless, self-reliant, sensitive, serious, service-oriented, sharing, silent, simple, single, still. It is waiting to be filled with meaning and gratitude and to fulfill its purpose of sharing and giving. It is waiting to set you free.

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