This woman entrepreneur grew her Rs 4 lakh investment into a handcrafted, sustainable children’s clothing startup

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  • Women entrepreneur Elizabeth Jacob launched a handcrafted range of sustainable clothing startup Liz Jacob for children up to six years of age. She’s now planning to expand and scale her business, nationally and internationally.

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Children’s apparel brands are a dime a dozen these days. Homegrown brands are giving international ones a run for their money, but parents, keen to give their children the very best, are looking for more. After colours, designs and fits, they’re now looking for sustainable materials and understated elegance.

Enter Elizabeth Jacob and her brand Liz Jacob, a handcrafted range of artistic, elegant, and sustainable clothing for children up to six years of age.

Launched in 2014, the Bengaluru-based startup sources the softest cotton and combines it with artistic techniques such as block printing, screen printing, hand painting, applique, and embroidery to create “a range that is fun, fresh, and creative”.

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