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What To Do When Your Interviewer Doesn’t Understand The Job

Source | Forbes : By Liz Ryan

There is a crushing disappointment that can hit you when you sit in the interview chair and watch a person floundering in the chair opposite you. They are trying to interview you for a job they don’t understand.

They don’t understand the concepts.  They don’t know what would make one person qualified for the job and another person unqualified for it. They may have a script of interview questions they plan to ask you. Without understanding the role, how could they evaluate your answers?

This is a bad process and the person who is interviewing you now should not be here. He or she may be a wonderful person, but they’re not qualified to interview candidates for this job.

What are you going to do?

You can get up and leave, and there are plenty of good reasons to get up and leave a job interview. However, unqualified and out-of-their-depth interviewers are everywhere. If you exit the building every time you run into one of them, it will really slow your job search down!

You can try to teach your interviewer the meanings of the terms and concepts you are sharing. Some interviewers love that. When I was a baby HR person interviewing folks for jobs I was only slightly acquainted with, I soaked up the knowledge.

I hated feeling like an outsider to any position I was trying to fill, so the sooner I could wend my way into “insider” status, the better!

They say that an expert in any topic is a person who can explain their topic to a five-year-old. However, you have to be careful not to talk down to your interview, so as not to insult him or her.

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