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Why do staff BECOME LIKE their BOSS?

Source | LinkedIn : By Aiyshah Gwilliam

Some interesting research has emerged recently that shows that when a boss/manager/CEO is directly or even indirectly dealing with the staff in the company, after a while the staff do end up taking on some of the characteristics of their leader. This can be a really good thing or a really bad thing….it all comes down to who the leader is.

Some leaders are terrible people – dictators, money hungry, arrogant, and uncaring. As a result, the staff will become the same. Even if the team started off being a group of the nicest people around, over time, they will either leave or become like their boss – why? Because their boss shows them the way to get ahead. In this case the dictatorial way.

Some leaders are wonderful. Collaborators, smart financiers, humble and caring. For many out there it feels impossible to imagine that these people can lead, they don’t appear to be strong in anything – but in fact they are extremely strong in the areas described, and this is how they lead and as a result, this is how their staff will interpret success and in turn become like them.

Both have spine but they show their strength in different ways.

Obviously, the latter of the two will be more successful long term with the ‘nice’ people and probably have a longer retention rate. However, this is a style that not all leaders can adopt as it may come easily to some and not easily to another. This is where an intermediary may step in who will manage the dissemination of information from the top to the bottom so as to present the ‘arrogant dictatorial boss’ in a much more human form. Well done to them.

But looking at the bigger picture, as is very commonly stated, the vision of the leader should permeate through the entire team and eventually to the entire customer base and hopefully to the future customer prospects too. A successful leader has done just that. But never did we think the issue would go so deep with the staff.

It’s one thing to pass on common ‘terms and phrases’ that companies want to push out there, but the actual ‘human’ side of the boss being passed on to others is now something showing quite a lot of traction.

So the next time you wonder why you aren’t so happy with the company, it may be that you are not willing to take into your heart the actual leaders heart – this may be for a good reason or a bad reason.

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