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Why you need to talk people out of working for you

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Culture is about uniting great people around a purpose. It is about a group of people collectively sharing and working towards a vision. It is about creating an environment that inspires and enables people to do their life’s best work. It is about purposefully creating an environment with teams of people who understand the importance of what’s being done and therefore demand of one another that every single person performs and contributes.

Who you bring into your organisation is the number one determinant of culture. If you want to amplify the heartbeat of your company as you scale, you need to understand the instrumental impact recruitment has and embed systems and structure around this.

Over the last 6 years, my team at The Entourage has grown from a one-man team to a team of 100. In 2015 we were listed as the 4th Best Place to Work In Australia by Great Places to Work and BRW Magazine. Throughout this time, I have developed three fundamental principles around recruitment that have enabled me and my team to hire effectively and find people who are fundamentally aligned with who we are.

Principle 1: Deselection
Most recruitment processes are premised upon inauthenticity. They’re founded on the idea that companies need to talk interviewees into working for them, while candidates need to adhere to  a superficial  level of perfection in order to get the role.

We can all relate to this situation:

The employer sits on one side and tells the employee how incredible it is to work at their company. They speak about the flexible working hours, the perks, the benefits and promotion opportunities.

The candidate on the other end presents a perfectly manufactured CV and explains that their biggest weakness is that they “work too hard” or that they’re “too much of a perfectionist”

Essentially it’s a bullshit conversation, with zero authenticity.

When assessed logically it makes no sense to hire like this. By hiring someone you’re inviting them into an ongoing relationship with you and your business. Great relationships are built on authenticity, openness and honesty. So to start the process with a fickle, surface level conversation, jeopardises the potential of a future employee.

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