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Why you should hire candidates who are “a little bit unqualified”

Source | Fastcompany | By|JOHN DILULLO

or companies large and small, employees are the driving force behind every success. For managers, their most important decisions are who they select for critical roles or assignments.

This is the reason HR organizations, hiring managers, and business owners spend mountains of time and energy recruiting, interviewing, and screening candidates. We probe, we query, we test for skills, we check references, we perform background checks, we even scan our candidates’ social media posts. Sometimes we make them take the Myers-Briggs test (or some other personality assessment that can help us to assess “cultural fit.”) In many ways, it has never been easier to determine if a candidate has “the right stuff.” But we don’t have a lot of evidence to show that these tools and resources help us hire better people than we did before these innovations.

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